THE CAXXOR GROUP is an international conglomerate with participation in several companies and investment funds, focused on the development of large infrastructure projects and the economic development. 

The main presence of CAXXOR GROUP is in America, Europe and Asia. We are currently working to expand our presence to the 5 continents. THE CAXXOR GROUP is established in the United Kingdom where the global headquarters are located and we have an important operational activity in the United States. However, the CAXXOR GROUP business model was designed and founded in Mexico.

CAXXOR can package assets in ways that are attractive to the profit motives and risk tolerance of institutional investors, CAXXOR GROUP does not operate or manage business. CAXXOR GROUP is an infrastructure investor and developer, focused on planning investments in real assets and working throughout the process until it is delivered to an operator. In addition to the investment CAXXOR also provides consulting depending on the industry in which our firm participates.

Among the main objectives and businesses of CAXXOR are the creation of value for our clients, the creation of synergies between large companies to participate in the most important projects, provide a solution to complex problems, obtain capital for projects, offer a technical alternative service that is innovative and with the best value for money, participate in the initiatives with the greatest impact in the world, develop the human potential of our employees , promote the social development of the countries in which we work, prioritize sustainability, transparency, compliance and integrity in everything we do, generate wealth for our partners and investors. We know that each infrastructure project contains a great opportunity for the development of a country, and we strive to structure the best alternative in the market




The investment model of CAXXOR GROUP is focused and comes from insurance companies, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, trusts and family offices that have the ability to invest during intergenerational periods of time. This is a unique competitive advantage in asset markets with no long-term liquidity, such as infrastructure. CAXXOR GROUP has been dedicated to developing methodologies to promote the internal programs of private investors and to help infrastructure projects to be compatible with the vision and requirements of investors. CAXXOR offers a direct and transparent connection between the investor and the project,  CAXXOR develops and matches the model that guarantees success for those involved throughout the process and during the time to a revitalization of the asset class and possibly a new era of investment in infrastructure and capital projects.

We know that long-term investors own half of the professionally managed investment capital in today's world. These investors, who have an unparalleled scale and longer time horizons than typical investors, have clear competitive advantages in the markets for long-term illiquid assets. The characteristics of an investment in infrastructure and capital projects are particularly suitable for long-term institutional investors. Infrastructure assets offer economies of scale, inelastic demand and stable cash flows, and can generate uncorrelated returns, inflation linkages and downward protection.




The value of CAXXOR is the people, a multidisciplinary and global team, internationally renowned professionals in administration, economics, law, finance, accounting but also in technology, science, geology, engineering, military personnel design that allows an extraordinary perspective for the development of large infrastructure projects. We bring innovation to another level, in products, services, business model, we are constantly working on technological research and developing new methodologies.

The experience and sophistication of our executives is a reflection of the board's competence and the understanding of what is required within the investment management process for success. The nexus between people and the long-term investment process is based on continuity and commitment, our greatest asset and what defines us is our people.

People are essential for any business, but talent is crucial for the highly specialized, and knowledge-focused field, which is direct investment in infrastructure. In fact, the set of skills required for investment in infrastructure is different from the set of skills that an institutional investor may already have established: the infrastructure and capital projects is composed mainly of illiquid assets marketed infrequently in very large packages. This means that the investment Infrastructure and capital projects is oriented to transactions rather than to the market; Investments are long-term and asset management is crucial. In summary, investment in infrastructure is quite different from traditional asset classes, such as bonds or stocks, and is more like direct real estate investment or private capital. Consequently, the investment team will need various capacities to succeed in this environment. 

The construction of a proper structure by a fund for investment in infrastructure can take years; establishing a wholly-owned subsidiary, recruiting a first-class investment team and developing all the legal, fiscal, reporting and back-office experience required to support the program requires time and money. That is why CAXXOR GROUP is a strategic ally for institutional investors who are looking for an advisor for the development of an investment program and a catalyst to make direct and precise investments in assets already qualified by CAXXOR GROUP.





CAXXOR's business model consists mainly of projecting a viable asset, an infrastructure with broad financial viability, CAXXOR is involved in everything necessary to give life to a project, once it has a PROJECT with all legal, technical, financial requirements and with a committed market, it is taken to our investors. In terms of INVESTMENT, CAXXOR takes the project to investors, makes documentation, CAXXOR directly carries out a part of the investment, associates with other investors, structures a syndication with other investors, It coordinates with banks to achieve efficient administration, implements risk products, consolidates guarantees and more. Regarding DEVELOPMENT, CAXXOR chooses contractors and supervises all phases of construction, CAXXOR is responsible for the asset being built, when the asset is finished and CAXXOR has delivered to an operator and is in proper functioning CAXXOR will TRANSFER the asset to another entity to manage it during the entire period of recovery of the investment.

CAXXOR also participates only in a part of the development cycle, such as consulting and can also be involved in other transactions such as sovereign debt or an asset already built.



CAXXOR GROUP is the result of the integration of 6 companies all dedicated to the development of assets in different sectors. The first company is related to infrastructure, the second to real estate, another focused on the financial side, 2 more recently created companies related to government and defense and finally an industrial company that is one of the most dynamic that includes energy, mining, agriculture and other maritime assets. Although it seems a wide diversification all assets remain under the same thesis and all our investments start at 50 million dollars. All our investment activities and advisory services remain under the main umbrella of THE CAXXOR GROUP.





THE CAXXOR GROUP seeks by 2021 to obtain 1% of participation in the global infrastructure market annually, this represents 37 Billion in investment in the entire portfolio which will be provided by our associated investors, CAXXOR GROUP can provide  45 business areas related to the management, investment and development of real assets and 33 areas related to consulting and professional services, giving a total of 78 business divisions. CAXXOR GROUP is committed to the board of directors to close the year 2021 distributed among all the companies in the group and in a large portfolio of services. The commitment of the board of directors is the 100% reinvestment focused on the creation of value and the social objective of the firm. 




The American continent has more than 950 million people and represents 30% of the global economy. In this region, CAXXOR develops 85% of the group's businesses and covers more than 95% of the countries of the continent. In 50% of the countries of the Americas CAXXOR has the leadership of some of the most strategic and relevant capital projects in each country. 



CAXXOR's 2025 plan has the goal of developing refineries, ports, airports, trains, roads and several clean energy projects mainly. We work in all our areas and sectors, but our priority projects are those related to energy and transportation in Latin America. CAXXOR begins to position itself as the number one investor in these sectors and in this region.