We know of the great challenges involved in a large infrastructure project; times, complex engineering, politics, strict investors. As CEO of CAXXOR GROUP I have had the opportunity to get involved in many processes in practically all areas of a capital project. I am very proud to be able to convey that we have a holistic vision of the projects, from financing to operation, CAXXOR is a strategic ally that can provide great value. Not only do we see businesses or constructions, we genuinely believe that we can contribute development and progress for humanity, millions of people still require basic infrastructure and in CAXXOR GROUP we are determined to be part of the solution. the world needs more firms and organizations that are an agent of change and that can close the gap in the infrastructure deficit that our planet has, we want to maintain ourselves as a completely sustainable, transparent company with a focus on research and innovation. We are not a builder, we are not a mining company, we are not just an investment bank, we are CAXXOR GROUP, a new business model, that is not like any other company, but that has the best of many global leaders, we are unique and we celebrate it because we have the certainty that we can offer you a disruptive, avant-garde and effective solution, if you are reading this message as a customer we appreciate and treasure your trust, if you have been part of this story with all my strength I want to tell you that I am grateful to join us in the construction of the company that we believe the world needs, comprehensive, visionary, innovative, inclusive ... I want to tell you that we are determined to transform our world, this is not just a company, we aspire to be a structured movement that drives a new paradigm in the development of infrastructure in the world. If I can work with you from CAXXOR, if I can help you and support you in an initiative that makes this planet better, please contact directly. 


Carlos (Mexico 1980) is the founder and CEO of THE CAXXOR GROUP. He studied bachelor's degrees focused on administration and international affairs, has done postgraduate courses in Economics and also in International Finance, worked a short time in the public sector as an advisor and as a university teacher, in 2004 he began to develop different companies that are currently integrated into the umbrella of CAXXOR GROUP. Mr. Ortiz is on the board of several companies and investment funds, including National Standard Finance.