• Our investments come from Wall St. trusts and from the US institutional market, as well as from private investors in the UK, our criteria for applying for a project is aligned with the requirements of our investors.


  • The investments are made directly by the investors through a first floor bank and there is strict compliance with all the regulations. CAXXOR does not manage money from investors. CAXXOR only identifies real investment opportunities and works with investors in the development of internal global investment programs.

  • In the case of projects we require that these 10 points be met. In the case of companies we ask that you are in at least 1 of 8 possible scenarios.



In order for CAXXOR to participate in a project, all the following points are essential.

  • 1) We participate only in infrastructure development and capital projects, as well as in services exclusively related to it.


  • 2) We participate in 6 different areas, however we have preference for transport, energy and natural resources projects.

  • 3) All our developments are focused on the same nature, on long-term investment, predictable flows with a source of quality and an investment focused on real assets.

  • 4) The investment range should be at a minimum of 50 million dollars and a maximum of 10 billion dollars.

  • 5) We take a maximum of 144 projects per year, the decision to participate or not may also be subject to our availability.

  • 6) The project must be located in one of the 40 geographies where CAXXOR participates, we have priority for projects in Americas.

  • 7) We prefer projects that have regional or national strategic relevance. Although the government does not participate in the project, we prefer initiatives in which we can have access to communication with the government.

  • 8) Although we structure debts to 20 years or more, our projects usually get the return of the investment between 4 to 10 years. In general it is difficult for us to participate when the return exceeds 10 years.

  • 9) Indispensable that the project provides a social benefit to the community. In case the community is in disagreement with the project, we prefer not to participate.

  • 10) Expert management team and viable business model aligned with CAXXOR.



To associate or to invest in a company we consider must have at least one of the following characteristics.

  • Case A) Companies that have annual incomes above 50 million dollars.

  • Case B) Companies that have significant proven experience in the sector in which we will participate.

  • Case C) Companies that have a patent, license or important innovation for the project in which we will associate.

  • Case D) Companies that have assets such as mining reserves or real assets that can serve as a collateral guarantee for financing.

  • Case E) Companies that have permits, concessions or registers or supply contracts with notable relevance, that have obtained them or are close to obtaining them.

  • Case F) Companies that can provide equity for the development of projects

  • Case G) Companies that own the land to develop a project.

  • Case H) Government or government companies with which we are always willing to participate.

  • Since the company is in any of the eight scenarios, we have ample possibilities to associate, if the company has more than one of these points simultaneously, the participation of the client or partner increases considerably. In the case of large companies that usually have all cases simultaneously, CAXXOR's participation is reduced to a minimum. Our participation is always proportional to the value we add to the project. In the case of companies that offer good business relationships we can only have a commission agreement, in the case of companies that only present a written project and can not be in any of the values ​​we have identified, it is very difficult for us to participate.