Due to the new regulatory restrictions implied under the Dodd Frank Municipal Advisor Rule, at this time we do not offer financing to United States municipalities, state government or bodies of government as defined by the Dodd Frank Act. This does not apply to the United States Federal government.


All transactions and products are in complete compliance with all United States regulatory requirements, as well as any rule or law applicable by the governments of the United Kingdom, Mexico, Spain or the European Union, any international regulation or treaties are strictly observed. We also maintain a strict compliance in the country where the investment will be placed.


CAXXOR GROUP and their partners are not a United States Broker Dealer, Securities Dealer or Registered Investment Advisor nor a broker or arranger of debt or equity financing or securities. CAXXOR GROUP is a private  infrastructure and capital projects investment firm that makes principal investments for its own account and portfolio.  


We are not open to the general public, our debt or equity investment services are reserved exclusively for strategic partners and allies, as well as for government and multilateral initiatives. We also do not receive investment from the public, we do not manage money from third parties. We do not participate in public tenders, and we do not receive public or government money as part of our anti-corruption strategy.

Our business model consists exclusively of working with institutional investors and with projects that we consider of strategic importance to place investment in infrastructure (which is placed directly by the investor through a first-tier bank) and develop a series of services associated with the development and management of that infrastructure.


The participation of CAXXOR in a project does not compromise or obligate the partners and allies of our company to participate in it. The decisions of each partner, ally or investor are autonomous and adhere to the best international practices.


You will never be contacted by an executive to offer our credit services, we do not have any type of promotion during the year. CAXXOR will never ask you to make a transfer in advance, we do not accept cash payments, we do not receive information from any client if we have not signed an NDA and a data protection, none of our executives will contact you to offer an asset for sale with a big discount, in general contact us directly through this site if you suspect a representative or model of services. All our transactions have a protocol and a formality. CAXXOR only promotes services related to the industrial and defense sector, the rest of the portfolio must be generated upon your request. The easiest way to know if you are in communication with a real executive is if the email comes from or, we prefer the institutional communication via email more than phone calls and we will never ask you to write to an personal email or different. CAXXOR will never contact you for a job opportunity, there are no courses, insurance, or payments that you must do to work with us. We do not have any personnel recruiting agent. If you want to work with us, contact us directly.