• CAXXOR must become the global leader in both financial solutions and industrial development for large-scale projects, always adhering to legality and best practices. We are determined to be the best and the greatest at what we do.


  • We have a commitment of 360 in everything we do, with suppliers, partners, investors, customers, the environment, the countries in which we work. We are always asking ourselves how we can improve our relationships, offer more value and grow together.


1) We promote Discipline in everything we do, it is indispensable in our organization. 

2) The Passion is fundamental for those who want to be part of us.

3) A great appetite for Improvement and Learning is in our code.

 4) We work as a Team, being united is very important in CAXXOR GROUP 

5) Innovation, not only in the product or in the business model, also as a style of continuous improvement in everything we do. 

6) Integrity, the only way to stay competitive in the long term is to have integrity in all aspects of professional life.

  • Our mission is to realize the biggest investment challenges and offer development to humanity.