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SEAS MTP is a company dedicated to the development of maritime infrastructure, is focused on port development  and leasing of shipping fleets. SEAS MTP is also involved in integrated logistics projects, as well as high impact interoceanic initiatives. The company is divided into two main divisions; Inland Infrastructure and Offshore Energy. Inland Infrastructure develops construction projects for shipyards, facilities, dredging, navigation canals, freight railways, cranes and port equipment, hard sea barriers  and soft sea defenses. As well as engineering, maintenance and construction of ports. The Offshore Energy division is focused on shipping and transportation projects, oil and gas facilities and offshore wind farm projects and subsea services.

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PETRORIZON is a socially committed global oil company, PETRORIZON is involved in pipeline projects, storage, refining, international trade, as well as exploration and production. PETRORIZON also provides a series of services for the industry such as seismic, characterization and drilling as well as new technologies and chemical products. The company is also an EPC in the development of infrastructure related to oil and gas. Other businesses in which PETRORIZON participates are the petrochemical and fertilizers, our company is in constant search of efficiency, innovation and the integration of new technologies towards sustainability.

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Master Waters is a company committed to the environment and sustainability, develops water systems and solutions in complex projects for cities, industries and major marine initiatives. Master Waters also participates in the development of hydroelectric projects, large infrastructures related to water .

Master Waters is also a funder and operator of these developments. The ability to drive these projects has turned Master Waters into a utilities company, providing high quality services and a great responsibility to the environment. The company also conducts environmental studies and provides new technologies for efficiency and reduction of environmental impact in different sectors.

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GECC Industries is an international company specialized in transport and energy infrastructure. Projects of trains, highways, bridges, tunnels and airports are the specially of GECC Industries, also in electric power we participate in generation, transmission and distribution projects. In these initiatives GECC Industries can finance, build and operate.

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Investructurex is a financing and infrastructure development company in several areas such as health, education, security, housing, museums and cultural centers, sports centers, parks, public buildings and mega infrastructure projects, as well as large facilities such as convention centers, theme parks and stadiums.

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NR DYNAMO is a multinational holding that develops mining assets in order to obtain products and minerals for the construction and petroleum industries. NR DYNAMO, also develops mining assets to obtain metals such as gold, silver, and more. The organization also has an area dedicated to the agribusiness, in which it develops different crops going up to the added value, thus NRD generates their brands and products. Some important area is the development of biofuels, the company's ability to develop markets globally is noteworthy.

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Omega Royal Holding is a developer and manager of real estate assets, such as corporate buildings, residential, hotel malls and industrial parks mainly. We also get involved in integral tourism projects such as the development of ports for cruises, and the development of land. ORH has a large portfolio of services for the sector, which include real estate transactions, valuations, asset management and more.

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LOGEXIM is a developer of storage centers and dry ports. It is also a leading international marketer, from commodities such as oil, mining and grains to products of added value, LOGEXIM invests in the supply chain to compete with better prices, conditions and efficiency in the large logistics and supply projects that the company assumes . Currently LOGEXIM participates in many industries, such as food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, electronics, automotive and more.

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Constelationics is a technological society with a great focus on the people, the company develops integrated solutions for large cities, controls the operation of large infrastructure and facilities, integrates and develops technology, participates also in media and telecommunications as well as in biotechnology, health, government , finances and in advanced computer science,. Constelationics also develops special technology products for the construction and petroleum industry.

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The Ocean Rock is a private equity fund manager and a global investor specializing in large projects and public-private initiatives. The Ocean Rock invests in projects in most countries of the Americas and Europe, although always looking for opportunities globally in long-term debt or equity schemes, from 30 million dollars to 5 billion. The investment is focused on the development or acquisition of assets that have a predictable recovery and with an acceptable risk for our investment committees. The Ocean Rock also provides capital for first-tier banks.

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Legacy APO is a corporation dedicated to the management of private investments internationally. The corporation is an investor that participates in strategic business and of the greatest relevance for each country. Legacy has advisory and risk management areas, has experts in value creation and financial development, serves as a private wealth manager and as an advisor to governments and large companies.

Our corporation develops opportunities in restructuring public debt, energy, real estate and infrastructure. We participate in projects of more than 15 million dollars up to 1 Billion dollars


WALL KNOX is an international professional services firm, this includes legal, accounting, tax, auditing, as well as advice in financial structuring, advising and supervision of large infrastructure projects, consulting to government, public-private partnerships, as well as development, study and market advice. The firm also provides advice on asset management.

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