CAXXOR INSTITUTE was created to develop the synergy of development taking advantage of the work that is done to develop a large investment in infrastructure, we want to ensure that the social impact will be the greatest and the best possible for the community, if we must do something else to maximize the impact In development, we will simply do it. We also want to make sure that people have the necessary tools to continue generating progress in their communities and in their countries.




Our image is separated from the organization and the subsidiaries, we strive to keep our social work separate from our businesses.



  • After intervening in a project from a professional sense and understanding the context better, the experts of the group begin to ask themselves questions about how we can continue promoting development, they transmit the annotations to the Institute and we regularly coordinate with the local governments, we exchange perceptions about the needs, the development vision that the community where we work has. If the community and the government allow it, the institute stays working on issues of sustainable development and social progress. This Institute works autonomously and independently from the company's portfolio, we start working until the company has finished to avoid any conflict of interest.



  • In each project we learn something new about a society, about innovative ways to achieve investment, we learn something more from a community, we can describe the challenges they have, we can discover opportunities that are not yet identified by investors, we want to generate practical information that works For those who live there, and it works for those who want to get there, with challenges and opportunities identified on the basis of our practical experience, this makes our ducts different to academics, statisticians or research, from these studies we propose innovative initiatives , that include different social groups and that the knowledge can be translated in the solution of problems in a community.